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Mr. Anthony Pettiford, CEO

& Mrs. Tina Pettiford, COO

501(c)3 EIN: 38-3742761 (NFP) 

HOPCA Family & Community Center(s) [FaCCs]

5503 North Park Drive

Washington Park IL 62204
618-274-3865 // 618-874-1269 (fax)


The House of Prayer Christian Academy (HOPCA) Family & Community Center (FaCCs) plans to be an incubator of family support; community services; business development; career enhancements; and job creation. HOPCA is a project with the goal to become a “Light House” multipurpose facility in the local and regional area, a center providing a wide range of products and services for community families and community.  HOPCA intends to become an evolutionary pattern of how a Faith Base supported organization uniquely combines business practices with charitable concepts and community services … supporting its neighborhood patrons and employees.  Its intent is to help pave the path by which the US President’s Faith Base Initiatives are spirited and implemented in this economy.

HOPCA is a manifestation of the vision of Suffragan Bishop John H. Pettiford and a direct extension and expansion of the House of Prayer to All Nations (HOPTAN) outreach ministry.  This facility is an inspirational combination of community evocation, people mission, and a response to a higher command for HOPTAN to be their brother’s keeper and to show the love and humanity throughout the local, regional, and international world. It’s immediate focus is on the Washington Park Township, with the understanding that assistance and support will be extended to neighboring communities such as Fairmont City (NW 1.5mi); East St. Louis (SW 2.5mi); Centerville (SW 3.2mi); Alorton (SW 3.5mi); Caseyville (E 4.3mi); Brooklyn (NW 5.2mi); Madison (NW 5.4mi); Sauget (SW 5.8mi), and other neighboring cities & townships.

HOPCA is focusing on four primary areas: 1) Family Care Support (FCS); 2) Academic & Professional Support (APS); 3) Community Outreach Support (COS); and 4) Specialized Services Support (SSS).

The Family Care Support (FCS) area focus on the needs of individuals (e.g. children, teenagers, parents, senior citizens) and families. These FCS programs are fee based services which provide services to patrons while assisting them in finding supplemental funding from government sponsored programs and grants.  While the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) insures our licensing and certification, CHASI (Children's Home + Aid - Southern Illinois) and others provides continual consultation and financial support to qualifying patrons and programs (e.g. "Daycare").

The Academic & Professional Support (APS) area focus on academia and training in professional, commercial, academic, and technical areas.  An “AmeriCorp / SIU-E” partnership has provided SIU-E student-teachers and lab assistants for the academy. Students in-turn will login teaching/training hours toward their degrees.  Some of these services and courses will be credited as Continuing Education Units (CEU) and be provided by internet (e.g. distant learning).  It is through the IT section that a theme for inserting technology in the community is being pursued.

The Community Outreach Support (COS) area concentrates on the needs of the community with a goal to encourage fellowship, neighborhood, village, and families.  These programs will assist the moral lifting of the township and providing assistance to the local and regional community.  Some of these services will include real estate management that will address the renting, purchasing, managing, rehabbing, anti-foreclosing, and selling of real estate in the local community … providing additional cash flow, encouraging home ownership, enriching neighborhood pride, and empowering families, villages, townships, and cities.

The Specialized Servicing Support (SSS) which provides specialized projects and programs to facilitate expansion into other areas of support.  Most services are an expansion and enhancement of HOPTAN’s community-focus outreach model, which ensures that this business ministry is not without prior experiences, successes, lessons learned, and supporting charitable staff behind it.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the House of Prayer Christian Academy (HOPCA) Family & Community Center (FaCCs) is to first provide a safe haven for the community were the entire family has a dwelling place and the opportunities to receive economical, social, educational, ethical, moral, financial, and spiritual enrichment.  Secondly, HOPCA is to provide incubation services for family support, community services, business development, career enhancements, and job creation.  Finally, through its “CARE” services, HOPCA will directly provide family and community services through businesses established in HOPCA FaCCs.  It will enhance the partnership and unity of faithbase organizations and the community through efforts that address identifiable barriers that present the greatest hardships for a productive and fulfilled life.  Our mission will be effectively accomplished through faithbase sponsorship, support, and charity. 

Company Goals and Objectives:


HOPCA will become a multipurpose “lighthouse” facility that provides support, guidance, network, associations, and information to family & community “ships in the night” weathering the storm; providing a shelter and an alternative to decapitating lifestyles & mindsets.


1.HOPCA objective, as a business incubator, is to identify growth opportunities, determine the best means of translating opportunities into specific economic development objectives, and provide appropriate facilities and relationships with other business entities and organizations.

2.HOPCA objective, as a family supporter, is to provide a variety of assistance in childcare, senior activity, recreation, academia, career training, entrepreneurship, mentorship, family support, and other services to the local and regional community’s “quality of life”.

3.HOPCA objective, as a community support, is to provide full-time & part-time employment, supplemental income, technical training, professional consultation, contacts to local and regional patrons, and fund raisers to faith base establishments.

4.HOPCA objective, as neighborhood advocate, is to provide a safe haven, a refuge, and assistance for “the lost” teenagers, youth, adults, or seniors that requires a “helping hand” from caring members of the local and regional community.

5.HOPCA objective, as central “lighthouse” facility, is to provide a point of contact that will steer anybody in need to available options and solutions.  HOPCA will aspire “a nobody, trying to tell everybody, about somebody, that will help anybody” in the economical time.

6.HOPCA objective, as a Christian Academy, is to TRULY provide an example of a Faith Base organization, striving to assist the community and its people in the end-time move and economic shortfall … encourage by the US government and the spirit and purpose of the faith base initiative.